Friday, July 15, 2011

How to Submit YOUR Guns and Gear!

Please share pictures of your Guns and Gear! Here's How!

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Thank you all for participating, we are excited to see what our fellow shooters are using!

Saiga .223 Military Configuration

Type: Assault Rifle
Family: AK-47
Model: Saiga
Caliber: .223 / 5.56x45
Rear Stock: Standard
Pistol Grip: Houge Grip
Forearm: Midwest Industries Quad Rail
Optics: BSA Holographic Red Dot
Magazines: Bulgarian Circle 10 .223 Mag
Ammunition: Surplus Steel Cased

I bought this rifle several months ago from a local law enforcement officer who had bought the Saiga new and had converted it to pistol grip configuration himself.  He did an excellent job and I feel like I have a near "Arsenal Saiga Conversion" quality firearm for literally half the price. I paid $400 for the rifle and the four magazines.

Range Report:
This rifle's iron sights are perfectly zeroed at 100 yds.  I was smacking a 10 inch steel plate at 100yds all day with it.  The trigger is crisp and honestly smoother than many other rifles much higher up the price totem pole which I have shot. I added the BSA red dot which really speeds up aiming time and transition time between targets.  It is not difficult to hit the 10" steel target at 100yds from a standing or kneeling off hand position.  I have yet to sit down and try to get the minimum MOA on this rifle but I have a feeling it will produce pretty tight groups.  Of course I have fed it several hundred rounds of the cheapest steel case ammo I can buy and it has never had even the slightest problem.  An excellent rifle at an excellent price.